Extended Long Term Disability

Extended Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance

West Virginia University offers benefits-eligible employees extended Individual Long-Term Disability (ILTD) insurance from Standard Insurance Company. The ILTD insurance is an extension to the long-term disability insurance program that will allow you to protect more of your income if you become disabled and cannot work.

The ILTD insurance is designed to be a complement to your group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU.
Specifically, the group LTD plan:
  • Insures 60% of salary up to $5,000/month maximum benefit; therefore, salary above $100,000 is not covered
  • 12% Monthly Annuity Premium Benefit
  • Is reduced by some other benefits such as Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance

Highlights of the ILTD WVU Program

  • Higher income replacement of income if long-term disabled
  • High quality policy features…..you own the individual policy and you make all the decisions on the policy
  • You can keep the policy if you no longer work at WVU
  • Benefits are not subject to federal and state income tax
  • Premiums are discounted
  • Guarantee Standard Issue….easy enrollment and limited underwriting
  • Payroll deduction arrangement for premium payments

Main criteria for ILTD insurance eligibility
  • Earning at least $100,000 salary (primary assignment)
  • Benefits-eligible
  • Participating in WVU Group LTD plan
  • Actively at work for past 6 months

Extended Individual Disability Plan Features

  • Guaranteed Renewable to age 66/67
  • Coverage cannot be changed
  • Premium is level. Rates can change (after 3 years), but only by class, subject to regulatory approval.
  • Benefit amount = 70% of base salary minus Group LTD and any other coverage. Maximum benefit = $6,000
  • Waiting period = 180 days
  • Benefit period = To age 66/67 (graded schedule after 60)


Employees whose annual base salary exceeds $100,000 and are currently enrolled in the group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU will be contacted by Benefits Administration each year in late fall and offered the opportunity to enroll in the extended Individual Long-Term Disability (ILTD)insurance plan.The ILTD insurance is designed to be a complement to your group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU.

Extended ILDI Plan Features

Extended ILDI Eligibility Requirements