Retirement - FAQ's

Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information Available:
  1. 1. What are the retirement eligibility guidelines?
  2. 2. How can I estimate my retirement income?
  3. 3. Is an employee's retirement plan contribution tax deferred?
  4. 4. Are employee/employer contributions immediately 100% vested?
  5. 5. Is there a maximum contribution to the 401(a) plan?
  1. 6. What is the 403(b) tax-deferred retirement plan? (memorandum posted here).
  2. 7. What is the 457(b) plan?
  3. 8. Can I use sick leave for retiree PEIA medical premiums?
  4. 9. Can I use faculty service for PEIA retiree premiums?
    10. What are the PEIA retiree medical premium rates?
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    12. Can I retire due to a disability?
    13. What happens if an employee dies while he/she is still an active employee or retiree?
    14. Is there a retiree ID card?
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    16. How do I withdraw retirement funds after resignation?
    18. { Page.link_to page_id=41001, text=”What are the maximum amounts I can contribute to the Supplemental Retirement Accounts?” }}
    19.{ Page.link_to page_id=40943, text=” When I turn 70 and still working, do I need to do the minimum distribution that federal tax rules require?” }}
    20. I am an active WVU employee and just turned age 65. Do I need to enroll in Medicare?