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Termination Process Guidelines

Beginning September 1, 2015 new Termination Process Guidelines become effective. Subject to certain provisions of PEIA’s plan, one important change is that an employee who voluntarily terminates his/her employment will only have health insurance coverage and/or other health and welfare benefit coverages (i.e. dental, life, disability, etc.) during the month when they are last physically at work. An employee’s health and welfare benefits will continue through the end of the month in which they terminate employment so long as their premium payments have been paid in full.

Please note health and welfare benefits only include those administered by Benefits Administration in the Division of Human Resources.

For example, if an employee’s termination date (as defined in the guidelines) is in September they will only have health insurance coverage through the end of September, even if the employee opts to utilize terminal leave that would keep them on payroll into October.

The new guidelines and change in processing is to bring WVU in alignment with the PEIA Summary Plan Document. The changes are also in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education Policy Commission Series 8: Personnel Administration and Series 38: Employee Leave and the WVU Board of Governors Policy 24: Employee Leave.

Questions regarding these changes may be directed to Benefits Administration at 304.293.5700×4 or

Termination Process Guidelines

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